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Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

India's most trusted press release distribution service provider

Malviya Factual Communication offers the best press release distribution service in India. With over 3500 media networks in national and international media, we can help you build your business not just in India but also abroad through media coverage.

We completely understand how challenging it is to carve out a niche for a new firm in a crowded market. The population of brands has grown substantially over the past two decades, resulting in increasing demand for public relations services. Not just new companies but also well-established businesses must be present across all potential news mediums in order to stay connected with their customers.

Press Release Distribution

Malviya Factual Communication offers the best press release submission service. Whether you’re launching an upcoming product from your brand, participating in charitable activity, announcing a new project, or doing something egregious, our wide distribution network will ensure that your message reaches the right people.

Our experienced team distributes your press release to the media outlets where you want the news to be published, and we also try to offer some additional coverage with the expected news coverage that you need, which makes us India’s most preferred Press Release Distribution agency. We don’t just work on the orders we receive; we always go beyond expectations to provide our clients with what they want.

Here are a few occasions when issuing a press release can be a sensible move

new product
New Product Launch
Mergers & Acquisition
opening ceremony
Grand Openings
team work
New Partnerships
Executive Promotions/Hirings
Awards & Recognition
Charitable Initiative

It can be challenging for businesses to find journalists and get in touch with them to send a press release for assurance of coverage, but don't worry—Malviya Factual Communication is here with advice on how to make your press release stand out. Journalists receive over a thousand press releases, but they only choose a few that they think stand out. We are experts in this field and are aware of the needs of journalists. We will help you create a newsworthy press release that will be assured of being published in the publications you select.

Starting Price Rs. 999/-

Free Press Release review and approval by journalists

Guaranteed media coverage on premium publications

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Print Media Networks

Print Media Networks

We have a strong media network in PAN India across 800+ mainline newspapers.

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A press release is an official statement sent by a company to the news media in order to convey a message to its target audience. This is an urgent activity performed by the corporation, in which they can communicate their crucial message via press release in a very short period of time. The press release you share with the media should include all of the things that the company is doing in terms of the who, what, when, where, and why of the announcement. All pertinent facts should be included so that the media can cover the topic without difficulty. It will be tough for the journalist to cover the story if there is insufficient information regarding the incident you are having. Malviya Factual Communication not only helps you share the press release with the media but also advises you on when, why, and how to use the opportunity to gain public attention. We can help you prepare a good press release, distribute it to the media, and acquire prominent media coverage. Since the news that is published in newspapers, magazines, and online news sites can be viewed by your potential customers, instead of viewing a press release as a technique to gain news coverage, consider it a great piece of marketing material that can influence the brand’s reputation.

There are five main reasons you should choose PR distribution services Press releases are an excellent technique for quickly sharing information with the public about any important news that you want to share with your audience in a short period of time without excessive planning. Journalists always seek great stories, revolutionary ideas in the industry, and so on. A press release can be a great way to approach a journalist for any company. If you do not get involved in a press release activity, then no one will know about you. Regular press release activity will attract the attention of journalists, even if they don’t publish your story. When there is something unique, they will undoubtedly publicise your news. When your company is dealing with unplanned and unexpected situations, a press release may be an appropriate way to communicate. In that situation, you will not be well prepared to handle the issue, and a press release may help you easily deliver your message to journalists and your audiences. If you publish your press releases in high-traffic media outlets, you can boost your online exposure in search engines, and quality backlinks from news websites will also help you boost your website’s reach and SEO. When you engage in regular press release activity with online and print media, people will read your news, and you may succeed in attracting new customers and investors for your company. PR activity is important for both newly founded and established companies.

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