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Get to Know About Digital PR Agency

Malviya Factual Communication is a Digital PR agency in India based in Indore, M.P., with the objective of providing 360-degree branding solutions across India. We help you acquire market awareness, build a favourable reputation, and mitigate the impact of negative media coverage. We have an extensive media network of over 3,500 including national and international media outlets. We provide PR services that can help you get highlighted around the world. We handle everything from press releases to press conferences, media monitoring, crisis management, online reputation management, and much more, so our clients don’t have to worry about developing a favourable reputation in their field.

Malviya Factual Communication is committed and inspired to assist you in reaching your goals. We understand the needs of marketing firms and how our services can assist our clients; accordingly, we promote them in their field with organic media publicity. We fulfil our promise of timely delivery, and we are truly proud of our track record of providing the best PR services with an equally responsive 24 hours.

There are seven convincing reasons why we are unique !


Dedicated Team: We work with our clients with true dedication; we don’t make inflated claims, we gain their trust by providing impeccable service quality. We don’t just provide employment; we also assist our clients in making the best decision about what could be a golden chance for them.


Proper Analysis: We conduct in-depth studies of our clients’ records and activities in order to provide them with timely assistance. We constantly monitor social media and the news media to determine what can have a negative impact on our clients’ brand reputation.


Assistance: We assist all types of businesses, whether established or new; with our excellent PR strategies, every business achieves their goal and stands out in a crowded market space.


Strong Media Network: We have broad media networks not just in India but also globally, which enables us to promote our clients’ businesses in other countries.


Get Reasonable Price: Our pricing are reasonable and competitive, with no hidden costs. Any additional charges or rate modifications will be informed to our clients prior to agreement.


24X7 Availability: We are available 24/7 on call and via messaging to better communicate with our clients and support them as needed.


Productive PR Agency: Our teamwork, 24/7 availability, outstanding PR strategies, and pleasant relationships ensure long-term client and media ties.

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