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    Malviya Factual Communication is a reputed Digital PR Agency in India.

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Welcome to Malviya factual communication

A Digital PR Agency in India, Promotes Brands Globally

Malviya Factual Communication PR Firm, based in Indore, M.P., and founded by Mr. Sunil Malviya, is a reputed Digital PR Agency in India that helps you become noticed offline and online in your sector. Our major purpose is to assist businesses in developing a positive reputation while mitigating the effects of unfavourable publicity. Our key strength is that we always stay updated on our clients’ industries to counsel them on how to deal with an unfavourable scenario. We are experts in delivering a wide range of PR services, both online and offline.

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Since 2020

Founder's Message

“Paid advertising is less difficult than organic publicity”

I’m grateful that you’re paying attention to what I’m saying in my message. I’ve been in the public relations field since 2011, and I’ve noticed that in order to be successful in business, you must ensure that people know about your company, and when your firm engages in publicity, your potential clientele are more likely to be aware of what you provide. Public relations (PR) is an effective way to get in touch with your potential customers. Media interaction plays an important role in helping companies keep in touch with their customers and easily communicating their message. Our mission is to deliver 360-degree branding solutions while keeping our clients satisfied with 24×7 active workers who can be reached at any time.

~Sunil Malviya
Founder & Managing Director

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Our PR strategies make us the Best Digital PR Agency in India

Good strategies may help any firm succeed, and only Malviya Factual Communication Digital PR Agency in India works with its clients with planning and complete analysis. There are some effective strategies that ensure our clients’ success.

Lead Generation

Marketing teams focus on lead generation through various tactics, including social media campaigns. Yet, it’s challenging when consumers are unaware of your brand. Our PR services overcome this hurdle by providing organic, unpaid visibility. Hiring our PR agency ensures your brand reaches audiences, making lead generation easier as trust in your brand grows.

Investors Attention

Businesses aim to attract investors and gain their trust for expansion, but without strong factors, it can be challenging. Public relations services simplify this process and aid in establishing investor trust. Our firm excels in media relations, boasting a vast network of over 3,500 national and international media outlets.


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for any company working with PR agencies. When the public is familiar with your brand, purchasing decisions become more straightforward. It goes beyond hoardings and newspaper ads; Our PR agency plays a key role in establishing an authentic brand image. This is precisely what we do for our clients—to build trust with their audience.

Regular PR Activities

It’s important to keep in touch with your audience regularly to build strong and lasting customer relationships. Regular PR activities are crucial for preserving a positive brand image during crises, reassuring customers and maintaining trust. We advise clients to prioritize media interaction to ensure stability in any market situation.

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Crisis Management

A PR agency’s key role is to build a good reputation and protect brands from problems. We stay updated on our clients’ industries and competitors, looking out for anything that could harm their brands. If we spot any issues, we quickly let our clients know, and our broad media connections make this process smoother.

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Happy Clients

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What They’re Talking About us.

Kartik Khosa Tech Expert, China

Hey There! I am Kartik Khosa, a tech expert based in China. I hired Malviya Factual Communication for some PR activities in India. My expectations have been met, and I am pleased that they delivered as promised.

Sari Cahya PR Freelancer, Indonesia

I have been working with Malviya Factual Communication since 2021, and I am glad to convey my words for the agency. I am really getting impeccable services from the team, and I would like to recommend this agency for its PR services.

Pankaj Bhargav CEO, HRMantra

Malviya Factual Communication has good media networks, a dedicated team, and excellent PR strategies. I had a great experience using their PR services.

Mirza Malik Owner and Producer, Take 3 Production

The team's understanding of the entertainment industry is really great; they successfully organised a press conference and press release activity for our production house, thanks to the whole MFC Team.

Pulkit Garg Director, Vaalve Bathware india limited

The team is really dedicated and understands what the clients require. My press conference was well organised by the Malviya Factual Communication team, and all the promised coverage was delivered with a good media presence.

Simran Freelancer, US

Very responsible seller, highly recommended. Super fast and professional.

Ritesh Nigam Author, London, UK

I would like to highly recommend a Malviya Factual Communication PR agency. The team is really hardworking and dedicated, and I am satisfied with their press release distribution service.

Mr Himanshu Sachdeva Founder, Mama Chicken Mama Franky House, India

I have done some press release activity with Malviya factual communication, and they have delivered the coverage on time as they promised. I really appreciate it.

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