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Media Monitoring

media monitoring

Media monitoring also assists businesses in crisis situations; we stay up to date with the news and social media trends, and when we get an indication that this matter could become a crisis for a brand, we talk to the media before the news gets released and provide actual information and a statement from the company about the news, which can help reduce negative publicity and save the brand’s reputation among audiences.​

Media Monitoring

"Media Monitoring Services: Online and Print Media Tracking across India"

Malviya Factual Communication, India’s leading PR & media monitoring agency, was established with the mission of providing a complete media tracking solution. Our media monitoring experts team does proper analysis, devises a strategy for each of your projects, and delivers an accurate tracking report to you. We provide the best media monitoring services in India, with proper analysis and reports.

We track everything about your brands, products, and services, both favourable and negative, from a variety of sources, such as print media, online news media, Blogs and social media, to help you understand the needs of the business. We also track competitor news so you can research and plan how to make your firm stand out in comparison to them.

With our excellent Media Monitoring and Analysis, you will never have to worry about losing critical information about your business, competitors, or industry.

How do we collaborate?


Our tracking is based on specific keywords, location, your business, your competitors, and industries.


We examine all data to identify potential crises for clients as well as chances for corporate growth.


A daily, weekly, and monthly report covering essential corporate information will be prepared.


We study all of the company’s initiatives and services, as well as previous positive and negative news about the brand, in order to understand the brand’s image among the media and the public.

We consolidate all of the information, devise a strategy, and identify important keywords to improve our media tracking outcomes.


Since we live in the digital age, we should value both print and online sources. We are not limited to print media; we track online news media, social media, and blogs using a variety of keywords to ensure that we do not overlook any important information about a company. We also have access to track an extensive variety of newspapers across India, which are the backbone of the media industry and cannot be overlooked during tracking.


We monitor news, postings, and tweets related to the brand and services that you provide from all the possible sources by using keywords, as well as information about your competitors, in order to keep updated on the industry.

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We do an analysis, prepare a report, and share it with your team. We also keep it highlighted if something noteworthy is mentioned in the report. We will generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports containing critical information about the company.

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