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Google Knowledge Panel is the most demanded service at this time, after Wikipedia. The Google Knowledge Graph panel not only displays information in the box but also engages new visitors to your profile, which helps boost your profile online. The knowledge graph collects data from several sources. The most often used source in knowledge panels is Wikipedia. Knowledge panels update automatically when the source of information changes.

What is the Google Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge panels are information boxes that display in the Google search engine when users search for any brand, celebrity, place, organisation, event, history, etc. The Google search engine shows a box on the right side of the screen, which is called the Google Knowledge Panel.

Google Knowledge Panel requirements

At first, you should work on gaining organic media coverage, which creates credibility for both brand and personal profile. Wikipedia and the Google Knowledge Panel can easily accept the profile after media coverage. Wikipedia is the primary source of the Google Knowledge Panel, but if you don’t have a wiki profile and are applying for the knowledge panel, then you definitely don’t need to worry because the knowledge panel uses another source of information if the profile does not have a Wikipedia page. You must be updated in all online open sources with correct information; any wrong information can impact your high-profile  image negatively.

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